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Enphase Micro Inverters

Solar panels on the roof, sun shining – in theory all the work should be happening, and you can sit back and enjoy, but if one of those panels are affected by shading then all of them are and your solar isn’t working as hard as it should be – how do we fix this?  […]

It’s Time To Beat Blackouts!

Heatwaves, blackouts, air-conditioners, pedestal fans, electricity bills, icy poles, freezers in overdrive, sweat and tears. Summer of ’18 has been a big season for heatwaves and blackouts. More recently, South Eastern Australia experienced the longest heatwave that they’ve seen in years with temperatures averaging over 40 degrees Celsius for 3 consecutive days. With most households […]

The Affect Power Bills Are Really Having On Australian Families

How is the rising price of electricity affecting Australians? How do Australians feel about their electricity bills? What could they be doing with that money? Well, we have some answers! Asking the question “How would cheaper energy bills help your household?” has generated some interesting responses. From simple life pleasures to more time away on […]

Solar Makes Sense in 2018!

More homes around the neighbourhood are installing solar PV systems on their rooftops, it’s not just a trend – it’s a smart move toward saving on energy bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

What is a Microgrid?

Energy is an increasingly common topic these days. With prices going up and supply reliability decreasing in many areas of Australia, particularly eastern Australia, people are fed up. Therefore, some communities are looking to take advantage of the push towards renewable energy and implement a large-scale shift away from the centralised power system. 

How You Can Beat The Electricity Price Rise!

While the rest of Australia are anticipating energy price rises to occur in July, Victorians have already been hit with a price rise as of 2 January 2018 from their energy retailers. As of 2 January 2018, Energy Australia Victorian customers have been struck with an annual $278 increase on their energy bills, but it […]