Achieving energy independence with solar panels and batteries

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Becoming energy independent from big energy retailers is a common goal for Australian households trying to keep more money in their back pocket. With solar panels, batteries and virtual power plants, households are able to both save money on their electricity bill and lessen their impact on the environment by producing their own clean, green electricity. By becoming more energy independent with solar, homeowners can take control of their energy supply and enjoy various benefits such as credits for their solar energy and protection from blackouts.

By combining solar panels and batteries, households can enjoy all the benefits of renewable energy like reduced costs and contributing to a greener future. One of the biggest advantages to going solar and becoming more energy independent, is the monetary savings. By installing solar your house will be able to produce its own energy to be used during the day when the sun is shining. Any excess that is produced and not used throughout the home, is sent to the grid for credits that you receive on your electricity bill. To become even more efficient, a solar battery can be added, allowing you to store produced electricity to be used at night when the sun isn’t shining.

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Solar batteries can also allow you to power through a blackout. It can be extremely frustrating when the power goes out during a storm or forced outage and not knowing when your lights and appliances will be back in action. Solar batteries can be fitted with technology that provide essential appliances like your lights or fridge with power from your solar battery in the event of a blackout. If you live in a suburb with frequent power outages, blackout protection could be the answer.

By producing your own electricity, you can avoid any fluctuations and inconsistencies from electricity retailers. The energy market can fluctuate regularly which can result in a higher bill. So, by powering your own home, you can ensure you have control over your energy bills and the price you pay for electricity.

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