The Affect Power Bills Are Really Having On Australian Families

How is the rising price of electricity affecting Australians? How do Australians feel about their electricity bills? What could they be doing with that money? Well, we have some answers!

Asking the question “How would cheaper energy bills help your household?” has generated some interesting responses. From simple life pleasures to more time away on well-deserved holidays. But the most common response across Australia is that it would reduce the stress of high bills, pay off the mortgage and provide the opportunity to enjoy life a little more.

“More money to put into our mortgage offset account!” – Wendy, NSW

It is hard to see so many people living at the mercy of the grid. Not only going without but sacrificing other necessities to keep the lights turned on. The average Australian family is striving for security and peace of mind. They want to be able to simply cool or heat their house without the worry of the next bill arriving.

“Cheaper energy bills would help our household invest our money in other things such as a rainy day account” – Kimberley, QLD

“’s so hot at the moment but I just cant use the air-conditioner and all that power.” – Sandy, WA

And when it comes to enjoying some luxury in life we are still very humble in what we are after, content with a movie date and local adventure. Australians want quality time with family, to make happy memories without the burden of stressful budgeting.

“Being able to save money would mean more fun times spent exploring our beautiful state”

– Sarah, TAS

“it will be a lot cheaper, we could afford extra groceries or even a treat like going to the movies. I also like knowing that we are being more conservative with the earths resources” – Amanda, QLD

Why live at the mercy of the grid? Move away from the grid. Break free from your bills. Let the sun revolve around you.

“Cheaper bills would help us buy better foods to power ourselves. Better energy for us, and better energy for the planet at the same time! Win-Win!” – Matthew VIC

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