Announcing the Goanna Solar Battery

Sunbank Solar are very proud to announce the launch of the Goanna Alpha ESS Solar Battery in Australia. The Goanna Solar Battery compliments your existing solar system by capturing and storing excess energy that your system has generated throughout the day, in an affordable and modular battery system. 

Introducing the Goanna Solar Battery

Until now, installing solar battery storage has been a one-size-fits all solution. The Goanna solar battery means that you can build your solar battery to suit your needs. Some exciting features include:

  • 3kW inverter with 2.9kWh storage capacity
  • Elegant all-in-one modular design
  • Expandable up to 17.22kWh
  • Blackout protection (optional)
  • Energy management system with 24/7 monitoring
  • Outdoor safety rating (IP65)
  • Easy install and low maintenance
  • Only available in Australia

Blackout Protection

Powered by Alpha ESS technology, the Goanna Solar Battery is engineered for the Australian home. It is an all-in-one design, prepared and engineered in the factory to minimise the chance of errors during an installation – saving you on installation costs. Blackout protection means that in the event of a grid-outage, your home will be powered from energy stored in your battery. Keep cool in summer and warm in the winter without the stress of a grid outage.

… engineered to ensure the smoothest and fastest installation for you, to save on installation charges.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Often when installing battery storage, the cost for the installation is high, sometimes up to $4,000! and this is due to the many components that need to be modified to fit your installation. With the Goanna Solar Battery, it has been engineered to ensure the smoothest and fastest installation for you, to save on installation charges. An AC-coupled system ensures for an easier and more efficient installation than a DC-coupled solar battery installation. DC-coupled systems are typically seen in an off-grid installation and are far more complex to to set up, which may result in having to upgrade your system to meet current standards which can be very costly.  

Install indoors or outdoors! 

Goanna Solar Battery has an International Protection (IP) rating of 65, meaning that it can be installed outdoors or indoors, the encasement protects the battery module from dust and jets of water. It’s important when considering battery storage, that you can install it indoors or outdoors.

Build your battery to suit you

Most households simply don’t need a large capacity battery, the energy demands, and current solar system often means that it could take tens of years to recover a full return on investment. The modular ability of the Goanna Solar Battery means that you can build your battery to suit your households’ energy demands. If your energy demands increase, so too can your battery size.

Energy Management System 

Powered by the Alpha Cloud, you now have the power to totally understand the ins and outs of your entire solar PV and battery storage system. It’s very important to know where your solar energy is going, whether it’s being used by the home, sent to the grid or stored in your battery. By having this information for you, in a clear and easy-to-understand format, you can really make the most of the solar energy that your system has generated. 

  • See how much solar energy your system has generated 
  • Predict your feed-in credit 
  • Calculate your independence from the grid 
  • Understand how much energy you have saved 

Easily downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, you can keep track of your solar system while on the go, on your smartphone or tablet device. The desktop site is also available for you to manage your solar energy. 

… storing solar energy generated during the day and storing it in a battery for you to use when you get home. 

Where to from here?

The Goanna Solar Battery will help you save on your energy bills by storing solar energy generated during the day and storing it in a battery for you to use when you get home. Instead of being charged surge pricing for energy that you use, use more of your free, solar energy that you’ve generated.