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How solar is recycled

The Australian energy industry landscape has experienced rapid technological change with increasing investment in renewable energy. Solar has become an affordable and dependable source of clean energy thanks to improved manufacturing and technology, but what happens to solar panels when they reach the end of their product life? More than 2 million Australian households have […]

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Solar Victoria Battery Rebate Update

The Victorian State Government has announced an expansion to their Solar Battery Rebate Scheme which provides a point of sale discount of up to $4,838 for eligible Victorian households off the purchase of a solar storage battery. A further 80 post codes now have access to the rebates, helping more households to save on the […]


The advantages of solar power

As the most abundant energy source on the planet, solar power looks set to become one of our most important energy resources in the near future. Thanks to improved production and falling costs, solar energy is increasing its share of Australia’s energy production every year. There are many advantages to using solar power that make […]

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How many solar panels do I need?

Australia’s climate is great for solar, with long hot days and plenty of sunshine. The decision to install rooftop solar is becoming more popular thanks to financial assistance from the Government making the installation of solar panels and batteries more economically viable for residence. Everybody wants to reduce their energy bill, so finding out how […]

6 ways to get involved with Landcare week

Throughout the first week of September, Landcare Week celebrates the tireless efforts and commitment of volunteers who help to maintain and restore our natural environment. In its 30-year anniversary this year, Landcare Week provides an opportunity for people to come together and learn more about Australia’s environment to help take care of our most precious […]


Victoria Solar Homes Rebate Update

The Victorian Government has announced changes to its popular Solar Homes Program. The changes have come following their previous plan to release a set number of rebates at the start of every month. With rebates at the beginning of July and August all allocated within hours, the Government has made some improvements to the Homes […]