Save up to $4,838* on your solar battery

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*Terms and conditions apply. Must meet eligibility criteria to receive government rebate.

About the Solar Battery Rebate

To help households store excess solar energy generated by rooftop panels, the Victorian State Government has released a solar battery rebate to the value of $4,838 for eligible homeowners.

Until June 30, 2020, there are 1,000 solar battery rebate allocations available, and these will be staggered over the 12-month period. The rebates will be available to homeowners’ regions, as measured by the growth rate and rooftop solar adoption.

New eligible postcodes

The Victorian Government Solar Battery Rebate Scheme has been extended to include more than 250 postcodes across Victoria. The increase in availability of solar battery rebates allows homeowners to save on costs when purchasing a solar battery. This means solar energy is becoming more affordable and accessible than ever!

Check to see if your postcode is eligible for the solar battery rebate today.

Sending your solar power back into the grid no longer makes sense.

Why live at the mercy of the grid when you can keep the solar you generate for yourself?

Solar batteries provide the ability to store excess solar power for use in your household when you need it most.

Taking control of your electricity usage with an energy management system to monitor your household usage.

Break free from your bills. Let the sun revolve around you.

Solar solutions designed to get your solar working harder for you.