Earth Day 2018

Our planet needs our help, it can not continue to function with endless pollution and increasing levels of deforestation year on year making way for housing, roads and infrastructure.

Earth Day is a global initiative to educate and inform everyone of their impact on the environment and what they can do to ensure that they reduce their emissions footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. A cleaner and renewable environment will allow for more of the Earth’s natural resources and animal life to continue to thrive away from extinction or free of the threat of becoming wiped out.

The international day of action is fast approaching, on Sunday 22 April 2018.

Even if you aren’t aware, you may be already doing your part in helping the environment by:

  • Using energy monitoring to monitor your household energy usage
  • Using reusable bags when doing your weekly supermarket shopping
  • Installing solar panels to reduce your reliance on the grid and in-turn demand for energy produced by sources harming the environment
  • Picking up litter in your local area and placing it in a rubbish bin
  • Using environmentally-friendly or non-toxic cleaning products
  • Utilising solar battery storage to store solar energy and use for when the sun goes down to use for your household

Portions of the energy provided to homes and business across Australia are produced from various non-renewable resources e.g. coal, fossil fuels which are damaging to our environment and the reliance and demand needs to shrink. 

Making the switch to renewable energy for your home and business has never been easier with the decreasing cost of solar panels and better efficient battery storage systems.

Sunbank Solar are committed to ensuring that you have the best opportunity to monitor, produce and store your own solar energy for your home or business with solar power.

Find out how you can make the switch to renewable energy for your home or completely reduce your grid reliance with off-grid capabilities, make your enquiry here or call us on 1300 28 29 30.

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