Earth Hour 2020

Every year, millions of people around the globe take part in an environmental movement known as Earth Hour. In appreciation of Earth Hour, millions switch off their lights and appliances at 8:30pm for 60 minutes to show they care about climate change and the planets future. Earth Hour is taking place on March 28, be sure to join in!

A few facts about climate change

World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF) reports the impacts of climate change are being felt across Australia more than ever. WWF reports the following events that have taken place in 2020:

  • Over 12 million hectares of Australian land burnt during an extended fire season.
  • Over 1.25 billion native animals perished in the catastrophic bushfires.
  • Cities shrouded in toxic smoke haze.
  • Farms and regional towns devastated by drought.

2020 events have hit Australia harder than ever before. Climate change is a large reason we’re seeing problems unfold. Therefore, 2020 is the most important Earth Hour yet!

Lower your carbon footprint for a brighter tomorrow

Help reduce the effects of climate change by reducing your carbon footprint and making the switch to solar! Solar energy is a renewable form of power, that uses sunlight to create electricity. By capturing the suns rays to power your home, you can step away from the grid and reduce your consumption of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are one of the largest contributors to climate issues we see today. When burnt, they release carbon emissions that trap heat, essentially causing a greenhouse that harms the earths atmosphere.

Lower your footprint and say hello to a brighter tomorrow. Call Sunbank Solar Batteries on 1300 28 29 30 to see how we can help you make the switch!