How to have an energy efficient home office


If you’re working from home at the moment, you will have set up a home office or workspace to get your work done. Spending more time around the house with additional appliances and devices needing power, your daily energy usage will be increasing. Whether you’ve set up a workstation around the house or have a designated room, there are some simple actions you can take to minimise energy use.

Utilise your computers power settings

Ensure the settings on your computer are set to use less power when you’re not as your desk or turn your monitor off standby when it is not in use. If your computer is also inactive for extended periods of time during phone calls or other activities, you could set it to switch to standby after a set amount of time.

Use a power board

Use a power board to have your home office devices such as your computer, printer and lamp plugged into the one outlet. This way when they’re not in use, they can all be simply turned off at the outlet with one switch. By doing this you’ll be able to save wasted energy being supplied to appliances that aren’t even in use.

Use energy efficient globes

For lights around the office you can consider using LED or energy efficient bulbs which use significantly less electricity than traditional light globes. You should also think about only switching on lights that are necessary or only one lamp. If you have a window nearby, position your workstation nearby to utilise the natural light.

Work out your tax deductions

If you have started working from home due to COVID-19, you could be eligible to claim a tax deduction for expenses relating to your work. This includes costs for various items as well as running expenses you incur such as heating, cooling and lighting. To learn more about what you may be able to claim visit the Australian Taxation Office webpage.

Produce your own electricity

One of the best ways to reduce household energy consumption is to produce your own electricity by installing solar. By installing solar, you can generate clean electricity to help reduce your dependence on the electrical grid.  By combining a solar battery too, you can use your own produced electricity day and night. To learn more about a solar solution for your home contact us online or call 1300 28 29 30