Enphase Micro Inverters VS Standard String System with DC Optimisers

Australian households are prone to all sorts of situations – a tree in the middle of the front yard and all sorts of shading situations which may affect the efficiency of a solar system. The assumption is when you install a solar panel system on your rooftop is that it will work to its highest ability and you will not have to do a thing – you’ve already done all the hard work and fitted a system to your home, most would assume that this is all okay.

By installing the most high-efficient solar panels you may be able to produce a high rate of energy, however this will only occur in the best-case scenario – living in Australia and dealing with the Australian weather conditions, the best-case scenario and what will be happening can be two completely different conditions. Your inverter will decide how your system produces energy and at what rate of generation – the heart of your entire solar system, this is what matters the most.

Most households with an existing solar panel system will have an inverter located near the switchboard connected to the rooftop solar. The energy that is transported down to the inverter is high voltage and very dangerous and hazardous if there is any damage to the inverter or cabling. This standard system is made up of old technology that may require more work to be completed to the system over its lifetime. Enphase Micro Inverters are the latest and safest in solar inverter technology, designed to give you the most efficiency out of your solar as well as do all the DC/AC conversions on your rooftop away from the family.

What are Enphase Micro Inverters?

Micro Inverters are the safest inverters to install as part of your solar panel system. Micro Inverters are installed beneath each individual panel to make the panel work independently from the rest, simply if one panel is shaded or generation is diminished by the environment or technical fault this will not decrease the overall system efficiency. On a standard system, all the solar panels are installed as a series (like Christmas lights) and when one panel’s efficiency is diminished by shading or debris this will lower the overall generation of each individual panel. In a few words, a standard string system will only generate at the rate of the worst performing panel which means that all that money you’ve invested in the highest-efficiency panels aren’t doing as good a job as they could be, or you expect them to.

By performing the high voltage energy conversion for each individual panel on the roof instead of on the side of the home, you can rest assured that the system is generating safely at its highest possible rate – generating more free and clean energy for your home.

What makes Enphase Micro Inverters superior to a DC Optimiser?

Enphase Micro Inverter

  • No minimum amount of solar panels
  • Less complicated design and installation
  • Completely protected against entry of dust and temporary immersion of water

Standard String System with DC Optimiser

  • Requires a minimum amount of solar panels
  • Complex solar installation and installation, adding additional cost to your overall system
  • Not protected against any dust or low-pressure water damage

Enphase Micro Inverters is the smarter option when installing or expanding your solar system. With state-of-the-art technology and years of innovation and sophistication there is a reason why Enphase Micro Inverters are the number one in Micro Inverter technology around the world. There’s no question in quality and durability with Enphase and Sunbank Solar. It’s the future of reliable energy for your home, and that future can start today. Fill in your details here and we can help you fit a solar system with state-of-the-art Enphase Micro Inverters for your home or business.

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