Why pay high energy bills when you can harness your power from the sun and receive Free Energy?

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What difference will solar make to your energy bill?

By installing solar, you will look forward to savings straight from your installation. Once your solar solution has been installed, your solar will begin generating clean, energy for your home and will power your household appliances once the sun rises. As opposed to importing energy from the grid, this energy is free to use straight from your rooftop solar – you’ve generated the solar energy, and this will now power your home.

No matter when you use energy; whether it be more so in the evening or daytime, you will start seeing the savings on your energy bill from installation – no waiting periods.

There are so many benefits to installing a solar solution on your property, some include:

  • Reducing your energy bill
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Low maintenance and highly valuable home modification
  • Decreased demand of non-renewable sourced energy
  • Energy independence by generating your own clean energy
  • Uptake of new and exciting advanced solar technology like battery storage

* Pay As You Save finance options available. No up front costs. Start saving on your energy bills today.

What difference is solar making to Australia?

The incredible uptake of solar is driving energy generation to eventually eliminate the generation of energy through non-renewable sources to completely renewable. Australians are aware of the affects of non-renewable energy generation has on the planet and are passionate in reducing these affects. More solar farms being constructed around Australia means more land being used to generate solar energy for homes and businesses to use.

Australia has one of the highest levels of sunlight in the world, and you are now ready to reap the rewards.

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