Future-Proofing Against Rising Electricity Costs

Rising electricity costs are a burden that has affected most households and businesses around Australia, more so in recent years with the escalating cost of living. Going into retirement or setting your home up to future-proof against rising operating costs is a movement that more Australian homeowners are discussing – why live at the mercy of the grid when you can keep the solar you generate for yourself?

Here’s answers to commonly asked questions around future-proofing and the associated benefits.

What is future-proofing?

In a nutshell, future-proofing is your investment against rising operating costs to minimise your future spend on electricity. By investing in solar with battery storage for your home, you in-turn protect your household from the rising cost of importing energy from the grid. When generating solar energy for your household, you will be using your own “free” energy which can then be stored in a battery. Investing in future-proofing technology protects your home from rising electricity costs and the stress of high energy bills.  

Why are more people investing in future-proofing technology?

More people are investing in this technology because it is the smartest and most proactive measure to protect households from rising electricity costs. To make sure of minimal future energy bill stress, rooftop solar with battery storage is your best investment against rising electricity costs. Homeowners are smart, and this smart technology has never been so accessible to homeowners than ever before.

Are young families future-proofing too or is it just the older generation?

Future-proofing is smart and proactive, so it isn’t just the older generation making their investment into solar battery storage. More young families are adopting solar energy technology than ever before because it is the smarter and proactive move to protect against rising energy costs.

Are there any other benefits of future-proofing against rising electricity costs?

Yes – there are heaps of benefits. Some include:

  • No bill shock at the end of every quarter
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Adoption of smart technology designed for the connected home
  • Reduced demand on the national grid for non-renewable sources of energy
  • Stay in-control of your energy usage energy management

Can I future-proof my electricity with an off-grid system?

Off-grid systems are available on the market for installation, a solar battery storage system with off-grid capabilities will ensure that you use as less energy from the national grid as possible. With grid connection being mandatory for a residential property in Australia, solar battery storage with this capability is your best mechanism to finally being free of the grid altogether.

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