How To Get Your Electricity Bill In Credit

A $0 electricity bill is good – an electricity bill in credit is even better.

Solar works hard to reduce your energy bills – but you might be thinking “how will it put an end my energy bills for good? I want an energy bill in credit – I’m sick of high energy bills!”

Solar panels reduce your daytime energy reliance – solar battery storage makes them vanish before your eyes. It’s not fiction, it’s fact.

By using your own free energy from your solar rooftop you’re already reducing your reliance on the grid and reducing energy bills. To really make the most out of your rooftop solar, battery storage will store your excess free energy and you can use this when the sun goes down to power your household.

An energy bill in credit is the dream – a summer energy bill in credit is even better.

Our valued customer Amy has had this distinct pleasure with her solar investment, she didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on solar battery storage – she has used a modular solution to gain pure energy independence.

During winter – with the heater being used, the kettle making hot tea in the evening, Amy was expecting to receive an energy bill even though she already had solar on her rooftop. Compared to the previous year, her usage had reduced – thanks to her solar panels.

During summer, Amy used her air conditioner, freezer was working hard, fans were at fast speed to keep her home cool, but what did Amy receive after summer was over? An energy bill in complete credit.

Her solar panels were taking care of her daytime usage, Amy doesn’t have a flash or over the top solar installation – she has enough solar for her home and her needs. This was taking care of her appliances and usage throughout the day. At night when the temperatures were still at their peak of course Amy would be doing her best to keep cool, like anyone else she’d be using her air conditioner and fans. Thanks to her solar batteries storing her excess solar energy instead of sending it to the grid, Amy received more than a $0 electricity bill – her summer electricity bill was in credit.

This is a real-life scenario, and it was in New South Wales.

To gain your energy independence and bid your final farewell to energy bills click here and our Solar Specialists will discuss with you how to get a $0 energy bill like Amy.

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