Government Solar Rebates

Interested in solar but unsure where to begin or what government incentives are in place?

When the solar industry began, the government introduced many incentives in the form of rebates to homeowners for installing solar panels. With many reasons why, the government encouraged the uptake of renewable energy, homes fitted with solar systems were helping Australia in their bid to fulfil carbon emission targets while also:

  • contributing to a cleaner environment
  • easing pressure and demand on the national energy grid
  • increase the adoption of new technology
  • invest in the renewable energy industry.

Currently the Australian Government has one financial incentive for homeowners and this is in the form of a feed-in-tariff. Feed-in-tariffs are financial contributions on your energy bill in the form of a credit for the electricity that your solar has generated that is fed into the national energy grid.

Feed-in-tariffs vary depending on your state and is paid per kW.  
When solar was first introduced, select homes were receiving high feed-in-tariffs which would in-turn credit their electricity accounts sometimes resulting in a $0 electricity bill!

Since July 2017, feed-in-tariffs dropped around Australia and some homes that were once receiving 60c/kwh for electricity fed into the national grid went down to 6c/kwh causing homeowners whom haven’t paid for electricity bills in years to begin paying extraordinary amounts for energy usage.

Many homes that were once receiving high feed-in-tariffs have turned to solar battery storage to instead store the excess energy for home-use rather than sending it to the national grid for the smallest credits. Instead of seeing what once dramatic credits on their bills were, most homeowners see little difference.

Solar battery storage is easy enough to understand. Use your free power that your panels are producing during the day and excess energy that your house doesn’t use gets stored safely in a battery ready for you to use when the sun goes down.

This will limit your home’s reliance on the grid allow you to keep the solar you generate for yourself. At Sunbank, we think it’s okay to get a little selfish with your solar investment.

Incentives for investing in solar battery technology are currently underway.

If you don’t have solar panels installed on your property but are interested in battery storage, you can install a solar battery to charge from the national grid with select solar batteries. For more information on this cutting-edge tech learn more here.  Power your home with or without solar and reduce your energy costs in 2018!

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