How many solar panels can power a house?

Once you understand how solar works, the next question would be how many solar panels you need to get the most benefit out of the sun.

Solar is not one-size fits all solution

Whilst solar does help you save on energy charges, it is recommended that your system be installed to suit your needs, and not just install the biggest system available on the market.  

If you don’t use a lot of energy during the day, chances are that you won’t need to install the largest solar system on the market.

By going through a simple bill analysis of how you use energy, your system will be the best one to suit your needs and give you more benefit out of the system.

The more benefit that you get out of the system, the sooner you will achieve a full return on investment for your solar.

Wattage of each panel

The wattage of your panel will tell you the maximum amount of energy that can be generated from each panel. This will collectively make up the system size – the higher wattage panel – the less panels you will require.

When installing a micro-inverter system, this ensures that the panels are consistently generating their highest nominal output rate. 

4kW… 5kW… 22 panels… hybrid inverter…

The jargon used when determining the best system to suit your needs may get a little confusing, whilst to your solar installer this is regular talk, to a homeowner just installing solar for the first time this may get a little hard to understand.

Our jargon buster can help you overcome this and teach you about the products you are installing.

So, how many solar panels can power an average house for a general idea?

Unfortunately, there is no average house, with appliances all being different in energy consumption patterns, there is no straight answer to that question for every household.

It all depends on what appliances you have in your home, some properties have pools that require more energy to power the pumps throughout the day, some don’t have dishwashers, so energy doesn’t need to be allocated to powering the dishwasher.

Solar panels will work during the day to power the home, and the number of solar panels that you have installed will determine how much energy output there will be.

Contact us to determine how much power your house needs from the solar with our bill analysis. We will size the system to suit your needs, to ensure the greatest return on investment for your sake.