How You Can Beat The Electricity Price Rise!

While the rest of Australia are anticipating energy price rises to occur in July, Victorians have already been hit with a price rise as of 2 January 2018 from their energy retailers.

As of 2 January 2018, Energy Australia Victorian customers have been struck with an annual $278 increase on their energy bills, but it doesn’t stop there – with gas accounts receiving an annual price increase of $192. 

Since 1 July 2017 Victorians have received a total 29 per cent increase on their energy bills equating to $456 annually from Energy Australia with more calls to ease this financial pressure on homeowners for use of a basic utility.

Energy bill shock has been an extremely prevalent topic among conversation with homeowners agreeing that they are paying just too much for using electricity – a worry that families shouldn’t have. Many families went through winter without using their heating and shouldn’t have to feel the same pressure when using the air conditioning during summer.

Remaining Australian states will be experiencing news of their price increases in lead up to July with NSW, Queensland, ACT, WA and SA announcing their increases.

Whether it be summer or winter, homeowners are feeling the intense pinch when receiving their electricity bills and need a way out.

In 2017 alone, over 1GW of solar PV systems were installed on Australian homes – those homes have broken free from their energy retailer and taken a step before others in clean energy generation.

You too can break away from the grid and reduce your energy bills by using energy that rooftop solar PV can produce for you.

Be empowered to turn on your air conditioner during heatwaves without the worry of how much keeping cool is costing you.
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Break free from your bills. Move away from the grid. Let the sun revolve around you.

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