Sunbank Solar Batteries help George fall in love with his bill again

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George made the decision to switch to solar energy when he wanted to escape the skyrocketing cost of electricity. After thoroughly researching how solar energy works, he knew going ahead with the switch was a good idea.

Whilst driving home one night, George heard 2GB radio host Ben Fordham talk about how Sunbank Solar Batteries helped him save 70% on his electricity bill. The next morning, George picked up the phone and gave us a call where he was greeted by one of our solar specialists.

Our solar specialist consulted with George to develop a solar solution that would address his concerns around his rising electricity bill and see him on his way to a $0 electricity bill. After an analysis of Georges home energy requirements, we recommended installing 12 solar panels. George was happy with our suggestion and we locked in a date for our technicians to visit his property to install the solar panels.

A couple of months after installation, we followed up with George to see how everything was going. During our phone call, we were pleased to hear that George’s electricity bill had reduced by half. To lower his bill even more, we completed an analysis on his solar system and suggested that George would greatly benefit from installing 6 more panels along with solar batteries.

George was happy with our suggestion to install a 5.8kWh HIVE solar battery along with 6 extra solar panels. We also equipped his batteries with blackout protection so that in the event of a power outage, George would still have access to his stored solar energy. Our team consulted with George and we locked in an agreed date for our technicians to visit his property for installation.

When we followed up with George a couple of months after the installation of his additional 6 solar panels and HIVE solar batteries, we were pleased to hear that Georges electricity bills were now in credit! We’re glad that we could help George take full advantage of his solar investment and make a profit from it.

We’re so glad we could help by analysing Georges energy requirements and tailoring a solar solution to support his journey to not only a $0 electricity bill, but a bill in credit!