How Many Solar Panels Can I Install?

Like any other building modification, there may be restrictions on how much solar you can install on your home and these limitations are determined by energy network distributors. There are energy distributors all over Australia and each have identified their own limitations for solar for residential properties. This ensures that there is a maintained amount of solar energy being exported to the national grid to meet network demands.

The limitation placed for solar is generally around the size inverter installed on your property and not the number of solar panels on your roof as each solar panel has varying levels of output capacities.

Network distributors vary between geographic regions and states.

New South Wales – Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy, Ausgrid

Victoria – Citipower, Jemena, Powercor Australia, AusNet Services, United Energy Distribution

South Australia – SA Power Networks 

Queensland – Energex, Ergon Energy 

Western Australia – Western Power, Horizon Power

Where to install solar panels?

Generally, your solar panels will be installed on the north-facing section of your roof and away from areas prone to permanent shading. It is common to see solar panels on the front of homes’ rooftops and others on the sides, and this is due to each house’s different roof orientation. The north-facing side of your roof is where the most amount of sunlight will be captured throughout the day.

How many solar panels can you fit on your roof?

The general limitation when installing solar panels on your rooftop is the space available to fit all intended panels, this will be determined by your Solar Specialist who will be able to give you an aerial view of where the solar panels will be installed on your rooftop.

How do I have peace of mind that the installer is experienced in solar?

All our technicians at Sunbank Solar are accredited by the Clean Energy Council for solar installations. They undergo specialised ongoing training to ensure that their knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date with all improving standards within the Australian solar industry. Australia’s solar industry is one of the world’s passionate markets due to our land size and exposure to sunlight over long periods of time. This prolonged exposure to the sun allows Australian solar owners to generate more solar for their household or business to use.

If you have any questions or need assistance understanding your network provider’s limitations to installing solar on your rooftop, please contact Sunbank Solar on 1300 28 29 30 and a Solar Specialist will be able to give you all up-to-date information on how much solar you can install on your rooftop. Alternatively, please leave your message here and Sunbank Solar will answer your query within the next business day.

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