Solar batteries and why you need one

Eating healthily, maintaining a social life, stopping the next episode from auto-playing. Life is hard enough without paying inflated electricity prices.

With almost two million Australian households investing in solar, the push for energy independence is growing. However, solar homeowners are still not seeing the significant reduction in their bills that they had expected. This is largely due to the rise in electricity prices and electricity retailers paying much less for the excess solar energy generated by households.

The solution? Storing the excess energy that you make in a solar battery rather than sending it back to the grid.

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Why we need solar batteries?

After installing a solar panel system many consumers do not realise that they will still be paying for electricity in the evening. With solar panels not generating energy at night, you must draw energy from the grid after sundown. Invariably you are paying almost three times more for this electricity than your providers pay you for feeding in the same energy into the grid.

Solar batteries let you store your excess energy in the day so you can use it in the evening when you need it most.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries work in much the same way as everyday rechargeable batteries – except they store energy that has been generated by your solar system – ready for your household to use when the sun is no longer shining, such as peak evening times.

They may also be able to operate as a back-up power source should there be a blackout.


Blackout protection is a feature that can be added to most solar batteries. A great advantage to opting to include blackout protection is that in the event of a blackout your home will stay powered. This works by using the energy stored in the battery to power key appliances and lights. 

Blackout protection comes with additional engineering and electronics to isolate your house from the grid.

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