Renewable energy has grown rapidly in recent years with solar power becoming more common throughout homes and communities. With the installation of a rooftop solar system, homeowners can gain the freedom of producing their own energy which can help to reduce energy bills. If you’re new to solar you’re in the right place as we’re going to run through the basics and what to consider when looking to purchase a solar PV system.

Australian households use thousands of watts per day to power everything from toasters to vacuum cleaners. Over the course of a year, a dishwasher used for an average of 2 hours per day will use up to 1314 kWh. That’s $404.97* per year spent on electricity, just for one appliance. A rooftop solar PV system allows for the generation of electricity throughout the day while the sun is shining. This provides the benefit of being able to time the use of high voltage appliances like a dishwasher to draw power directly from the solar system. While this helps to reduce a household’s energy bills, most households still use most of their energy during the evenings or early morning when solar systems aren’t producing any energy which is where a solar battery can help.

Solar systems used in combination with a storage battery, can charge the battery during the day providing more energy for the household to be used later on. Without a battery, electricity produced by a solar system that isn’t used in the home, is sent back to the electrical grid for which your electricity retailer will give you credit. This isn’t always the best option for households as the rate at which you buy the electricity is often higher than what electricity suppliers buy it back for. Being able to use a charged battery during peak times like the morning or evening, goes a long way to reducing the amount you pay for electricity.

The Clean Energy Council is the peak industry body for clean energy in Australia. By maintaining a voluntary code of conduct, accredited installers demonstrate their commitment to solar industry best practice. When solar batteries are installed by CEC accredited installers, you can have peace of mind knowing your solar installation has been set up by industry professionals providing a high quality, reliable and safe solar PV system.

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*These figures are based on the same usage per day for 365 days, with a flat rate of 0.30 c/kwh (Figure from a standard rate in Victoria by Origin Energy /united energy 30.82c/kwh.