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Let the sun revolve around you.

Solar batteries are the next generation solution to maximising a clean energy investment in solar panels. While traditional PV solar panels generate energy during the day, solar batteries store the excess power for use during peak consumption times – such as evenings – substantially reducing the amount of power required from the grid to operate a household’s electrical appliances. And Sunbank Solar is here to help!

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Hear what Tim Watson has to say about his Sunbank experience

Tim Watson, AFL legend, sports journalist and media personality, shares his experience with Sunbank Solar and the installation of his solar system

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The solar power industry is moving towards battery storage. With battery storage technology, any excess electricity your panels create can safely be stored for use when the sun goes down. Battery storage solutions are offered with monitoring to ensure each household can maximise their savings.


Sunbank Solar is more than servicing and solar battery solutions. We also specialise in the installation of complete PV solar systems. With our trusted and experienced installers nationwide, we are ready to find a setup suitable to you.


Servicing your Solar System is not only required by some distributors and retailers, it is the best way to ensure that your system is running to its peak capacity, and most importantly, that it is safe for you and your family.


Sunbank Solar specialise in the installation of complete solar PV systems. National coverage with a team of certified installers, we offer a premium service. Contact us today for more information on anything solar.

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