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Do more with solar!

Sunbank Solar have a very exclusive offer to help your household begin their solar journey to lowering household energy costs with a fantastic pay-as-you-save package!

You can pay-as-you-save on your household energy costs by installing an incredible 5.22Kw solar PV system with monthly repayments starting from as little as $104 per month!*

This package includes:

  • 19 x 275w Tier 1 solar panels
  • 10 years Solar Panels Product Workmanship Warranty
  • Goodwe 5kw Inverter
  • 5 years Inverter Product Warranty
  • Micro-computer for all your energy management
  • 5 years solar system servicing valued at $1,995!

Affordable and smart — it’s time to take the next step and reduce your household energy costs.

Australia has an average from 2,200 to 3,200 high sunlight hours per year. With most capital cities seeing 7 or more sunlight hours a day, more and more Australian’s are harnessing it. We have an amazing climate to maximise the benefits of PV solar. Able to generate power on even an overcast day we don’t need to worry about seasonal changes to get the most out of our solar.

There are 3 key advantages of installing a PV solar system:

Reduced electricity bill

produce your own electricity before paying a retail provider. Using less power from the grid means lower power bills from day one.

Clean energy

energy that does not create greenhouse gas during production and energy that is generated from renewable sources such as the sun is clean energy. Reducing the impact we have on the environment.

Low maintenance

once installed, an easy annual service inspection will ensure your investment is safely functioning at its full capacity. With no moving parts, a health check is all you’ll need.

Over time the cost of solar has decrease, so the initial investment isn’t as high as people may think. Additionally, it is a long-term investment which means a PV solar system will be working hard for you well after it has paid for itself.

Solar increases the value of your home, so even short-term investments offer a good return. A good solar system is desirable in the very competitive Australian property market.

Solar systems are expandable which means you can add to your system as your lifestyle changes. Adding more panels and even a battery if suitable to your household needs.

How Can We Illustrate It For You?

1. Solar panels capture energy from the sun and converts it into Direct Current (DC) electricity.

2. The DC electricity from the solar panels is transferred to the inverter.

3. The inverter converts the DC electricity from the solar panels into Alternating Current (AC) to power household appliances.

4. Any surplus energy is fed back into the grid or a solar battery (if installed).

5. Electricity is drawn from the grid when your electricity demand exceeds your solar production.

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* Repayments are indicative only for a customer with a good credit standing and the customer’s actual repayment will depend on their individual credit application following the RateEstimate. Monthly repayments include brokerage that may be capitalised into a loan over a 7 year term. This document does not constitute an offer of credit.

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