QLD customer saves big on her bill with her solar battery.

Jennifer from Mooroobool in Queensland was able to reduce her monthly electricity bills from over $1200 down to $83.89 thanks to her investment in solar panels and battery. Read more below to learn about Jennifer’s experience with renewable energy and what motivated her to invest in solar power.

Jennifer always had an interested in solar power and living free of the grid as one of her parents have a solar system and wind turbine allowing them to live entirely off grid for the past 20 years. So, in aiming to free herself from the grid and reduce her electricity bills, Jennifer installed a 5kW, 22 panel rooftop PV system in 2019. With her goal of energy independence in mind, Jennifer received a letter from Sunbank Solar about solar batteries and proceeded to learn more about solar and solar batteries.

Battery PV

After analysing Jennifer’s home energy requirements, we recommended the installation of a 2.9kW Hive solar battery to complement her 22-panel solar PV system. Jennifer was impressed by the plan and we locked in a date for our technicians to visit her property to install the Hive solar battery.

“The overall experience was quick, smooth and efficient.”

Following her installation, we checked in with Jennifer to see how her solar panels and battery were performing. During our phone call, we were pleased to hear that Jennifer had already seen significant savings on her electricity bills. Before her installation Jennifer said her electricity bills were around $1200, and her latest bill was down to just $83.89 in July 2020.

“The battery has been performing really well. It is a great investment.”

To learn more about a solar battery for your property to start saving on your electricity like Jennifer, call Sunbank Solar on 1300 28 29 30.