Quality solar products explained

We all know that a solar panel system is a big investment and so it makes sense that you want your investment to go the distance. By investing in quality products at the start of your solar journey you will be safe in the knowledge that your system is durable and safe.

Quality and cost come hand in hand when purchasing a solar panel system. It may be tempting to jump on the cheapest offer available, but it could end up costing you in both time and money in the long run.


The brand of your solar panels and inverter matter. Take the time to learn more about the manufacturers behind the products. You can even ask your installer the background of the products they use so you know your getting the best technical specifications for your money.

Questions to ask?

  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. Are the manufactures well known?
  3. What sort of reviews do they have?
  4. Do they spend time and money on research and development?

solar panels

New technology

Technology is ever-changing and so is solar innovation. The more efficient the panel; the better and sooner you will achieve a full return-on-investment. Older panels do not have the same energy production capabilities that new panels have. Installing a higher wattage panel means you could have less panels on your roof for the same amount of power production.

LG, fore-runners of solar panel research and development offer a whopping 330kW panel. This is a great example of the direction that solar panels are headed. Although these panels come at a cost out of reach for many homeowners, the question poses, with this technology available is it even worth considering a solar panel under 300kW?  

Product warranty

Want to know how much confidence a company has in its product? Take a look at the product warranty. You can protect yourself and your investment by only opting for a brand that offers a 10-year product warranty or more. Product warranties cover defects in materials or workmanship.

Some of the best product warranties include:

  • LG = 25 years
  • Sunpower = 25 years
  • Winaico = 15 years
  • Risen = 12 years

Performance Warranty

A performance warranty is the promise from the manufacturer that the performance of the panel will not drop beyond a certain percentage over a degree of time. E.g Risen offer a 25 year warranty that the power of their panels will not drop below 97%.

Warning! Risks with Low Quality

With lower cost and therefore lower quality systems, you run the risk of a rapid decline in solar electricity production. You may not even realise that your system has stopped working until you receive your electricity bill and notice it is hundreds of dollars more than it should be!

Not only have you then lost valuable energy production, but you then have the hassle of getting your system fixed or replaced. All of which could have been avoided if you had invested in a quality system to begin with.

Take the time to research the brands and offers you are being quoted to get the full picture of what you are investing in.