Renewable Energy

Australians care about the environment, including sourcing eco / ethically conscious products and trying to have a positive impact on the environment daily. We care about local conditions and our own impact on it. Sustainability is key.

However, with increasingly busy lifestyles and rising costs of everything, it’s hard to always make the right decision for the planet. Convenience, availability and fair-pricing still influences our behaviour. Left wanting to do more, a lot of Australians are not sure if they are even making a difference.

Renewable energy is one area where a real impact can be seen, but many people still don’t feel like they have enough information to take the step to solar energy and even less so, solar battery storage solutions. The still relatively new industry and the large initial financial investment has consumers uncertain.

Here are some simple facts to help clear up some solar confusion, answer some questions and build confidence in making a decision for renewable energy.

Firstly… Installing solar panels helps combat greenhouse gas emissions. Powering your house with electricity generated from the natural sun reduces our collective dependence on the grids fossil fuel, traditionally coal and natural gas. This is how you are doing more for the environment, by using clean energy naturally generated.  

Then, if you use a solar battery storage solution to keep excess power produced during the day to be use once your solar panels are no longer generating power, you will have an even smaller reliance on the grid and an even bigger positive impact on the environment.

But that’s not all. You are not only saving the environment but there is big money to be saved too. By not having to pay your utility provider for as much electricity you will see an instant savings from day one. With a couple of household behavioural changes you can continue to increase these savings with an aim to neutralise your bill all together.

Energy Management Systems allow you to see how you generate, store and use electricity in your home, making it easy to adopt small adjustments for big benefits. For example, the time of day you use high energy consumption appliances.

You alone can make a big impact on the environment by utilising the natural sun. Australia is on its way to a greener future and everyone can get involved!


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