With a subsidy of up to $6,000 on the cost of a solar battery and low interest finance available, there has never been a better time for South Australian Homeowner’s to invest in solar storage for the home.

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What is the South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme?

The South Australian Government is fulfilling its promise to ease the pressure on the grid particularly in times of high usage. The South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme aims to help eligible households install solar battery storage by offering 40,000 subsidies to the value of up to $6,000 for homeowners to purchase an eligible solar battery.

SA Home Battery Scheme
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Save up to $6,000 on the cost of a home battery.

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Battery storage is an exciting new technology, but there are a few things to consider before making an investment in a battery for your home.
As a guide, you’ll need to consider:

  • Your electricity usage. How large is your house and what appliances do you want to run from your battery?
  • What is the cost of the battery system (including installation and maintenance costs) you are looking to purchase, and how long will it take to recoup those costs from your expected energy savings?
  • If you already have a solar system, you’ll need to find out what battery systems work best with your existing solar system as this may affect the price.
  • You may also wish to speak to your retailer about how adding a battery may affect any feed-in tariff you currently receive.

Different systems suit different needs so it’s important to talk to one of our solar specialists to help you decide on what battery best suits your household.

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For every quote you obtain from Sunbank Solar, a ‘Quote Record’ will be generated in the RateSetter system, ready for you to apply for the subsidy.

Sunbank may even generate the Quote Record while they are with you during a site visit at your home. Otherwise, you’ll receive an email notification to view and approve your Quote Record online at a later date. At this time you can begin the subsidy application process and apply for finance if required.

If you don’t have an email address or access to a computer, Sunbank will ensure that a paper copy of the subsidy application form is posted to you.

If you intend on applying for finance you will need to do this online. Sunbank will come to your home with a tablet or mobile device and step you through the subsidy application process and assist you to apply for finance.

If you have any questions about your Quote Record, the subsidy application process or how to apply for finance, call RateSetter – the administrator of the Home Battery Scheme subsidy on behalf of the Government of South Australia – on 1300 396 078.

What’s the right battery solution for me?

Solar battery storage isn’t a one size fits all solution. Your PV solar system and how you use power will help determine the right capacity for you.

The capacity of a solar battery is how much power it can store. But getting the biggest battery isn’t always the best option for every household. We want to match a battery solution to you. Making sure your battery stores the right amount of power you generate without too much over flow or without wasted space.

Choosing the right battery capacity will see you getting a better return on your investment.

With a number of modular systems also available you can expand your system if your household needs change. Reducing waste and increasing solar usage when the sun goes down.


Household storage: 5kWh
Subsidy: up to $3,000

$500 per kWh for non-concession/$600 per kWh for concession.


Household storage: 7.5kWh
Subsidy: up to $4,500

$500 per kWh for non-concession/$600 per kWh for concession.


Household storage: 10kWh
Subsidy: up to $6,000

$500 per kWh for non-concession/$600 per kWh for concession.

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2

Ready for seamless integration into your existing solar panel system? Powerwall comes with a built-in inverter, is compact and stackable, and allows you to take control of powering your home. Storing solar power for use when the sun goes down, Powerwall also provides backup power during supply outages.

HIVE Solar Batteries

HIVE Solar Batteries implements cutting edge technology for the use of home solar storage solutions. The Hive 2.9kW battery is a modular solution and is capable of being expanded to 14.5kWh for even greater storage capacity. Hives flexibility to add on more battery units with actual plug-and-play installation has been highly needed in the solar storage market.

HIVE Solar Battery

Why Battery Storage?

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