How to save on energy this winter

Winter is here! Whether you are frozen in Melbourne or slightly chilly in Perth we can all agree that it’s getting colder. Winter not only brings poor weather but can also bring higher power bills. Making some smart energy changes to your home can reduce the impact winter has on your wallet. 

Quick changes you can do right now

  1. Only heat the rooms you need. Close doors to areas of your home that are not frequently used, such as spare bedrooms and laundries. Or even only heat up communal areas and encourage the family to cosy up together.
  2. Take shorter showers. Getting out the shower on a cold morning is one of the hardest struggles we can face in winter, however your electricity is having to work extra hard to heat up that already freezing water. By cutting down the length of your shower you are not only saving energy but also water.
  3. Curtain control. Be smart with your use of curtains and blinds. On sunny days keep your curtains open so that the sun can heat up your home. After the sun sets close all your blinds and curtains, this will retain the heat within your home.
  4. Turn off. Turn off your heaters before you go to bed and when you leave the house, not only is this safer but it will also save you money.
  5. Rug up. Instead of reaching for the heater, reach for a jumper or add an additional blanket to your bed.

Longer term Investments

Install Solar

Installing a solar panel system is a great way of capturing the suns energy to generate electricity for your home. A solar panel system can help reduce your bills and your impact on the environment.

Solar panels need very little maintenance due to not having any moving parts, this means once installed an annual service is all you need.  

Contrary to popular belief solar panels work more efficiently in moderate temperatures than in the heat, so even in the depths of winter your solar should still be generating enough energy to power your home.