Savings For The Life Of The System

Homeowners installing solar look forward to the savings that they will be receiving when generating their own clean, solar energy and then using energy stored in a battery. With energy retailers continuously raising rates for homeowners far beyond the rate of cost of living – many installing solar look forward to the savings they will reap – but ask when will they begin to see the savings off their energy bills? 

Once installed your rooftop solar system will begin generating clean, solar energy for your home and power your household appliances once the sun rises. As opposed to importing energy from the grid, this energy is free to import from your rooftop solar – you’ve generated the solar energy and you get to use it for your home.

No matter when you use energy; whether it be more so in the evening or daytime – you begin saving on your energy once successfully installed – no waiting periods.

How do the savings work?

Saving with solar is easy enough to understand, without solar your home is constantly importing energy from the national grid to power appliances and lifestyles. This power is charged per kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy and rates are established by your energy retailer – these rates are constantly increasing which has resulted in many homeowners going without heating during winter months or air-conditioning during heatwaves. Some homeowners are charged almost 40c/kWh, that doesn’t seem like much but when you add up all your background appliances e.g. microwave, kettle, TV, fridge/freezer this is high usage charge and the growing dependency on electricity for households is why during winter and summer months there are families going without heating and cooling for their home – simply because they cannot afford to use these appliances.

Savings upon installation

At point of sale, you will receive a government-subsidy in the form of STCs (small-technology certificates) which is applied to your order. The subsidy provided varies per month and varies on where you are located. 


For any excess energy that your solar system may generate this if fed into the national grid and you are paid a certain amount of money per kilowatt hour that is fed into the grid as some thanks for helping ease demand on the grid. The prices vary by state and territory, to find out how much you will be paid through your feed-in-tariff contact your energy provider.

Savings after it has paid for itself

Your solar system will pay itself off through savings seen on your energy bills. With a solar storage solution this may be in the form of energy imported during peak periods. Even after your system has paid itself off through savings it will still generate and store energy for your home – saving you money long after it has initially paid itself off.

Why make the move to solar?

Unfortunately, the national grid has not kept up with the progression of technology and growing demand which has caused a great deal of power outages and blackouts for homes all around Australia – particularly south-eastern Australia – South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. By using your own solar energy, you will not depend so much on the national grid but be in control of your household solar generation. Savings with solar begin from day one with your rebate applied at point of sale, feed-in-credits earned from the very first kWh of energy exported to the grid and appliances running off ‘free’ solar energy.

Solar batteries with blackout protection give you the peace of mind for when the national grid is out and there is a grid outage. Blackout protection protects your lifestyle and appliances from an outage, power your own way through a blackout. Why should your life be interrupted because the national grid is old and outdated? Solar battery storage with blackout protection powers your life through a blackout to keep your life running.

Why wait for July price rises? Install solar and get off the grid during peak rates. Call us today on 1300 28 29 30 for your solar installation or learn more here.