Solar Battery Storage, it makes sense in 2018

Sunbank Solar_Blog_Solar battery storage makes sense in 2018

We are lovers of the sun in Australia, and around 15 per cent of Australian households are embracing it with solar power. This makes us one of the world’s biggest users of solar energy in the home, high-five!

With the summer months comes longer days. This brings more sunlight. And you know what that means? Even better value out of your solar. But is your system working as hard for you as it could?

Household electricity prices are on the rise. Electricity retailers are paying much less for the excess solar energy released back into the grid. Homeowners aren’t seeing the financial returns on their solar panels as they once did.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you want to see better returns in 2018. If you want to know your solar is working harder for you. Solar battery storage could be your solution. And here’s why:


  1. Store it for Yourself

You can be a little selfish with your Solar. Solar batteries simply store unused electricity generated by your solar system during the day, for your own use later.

When the solar system is no longer producing power your house starts to run from the stored battery power instead of relying on the grid. Doing more with your own solar before paying your electricity provider. What doesn’t sound good about that?


  1. Save Money

The rising cost of powering a home is a simple yet compelling reason to invest in a solar battery. Using more of your own solar power means you will be reducing your bills and in some instances moving towards neutralizing it all together. 

So many Australian’s have already invested in solar battery storage and saw a noticeable from their first bill. Include a couple of energy behaviour changes and you will get even more out of your solar. It just keeps getting better!


  1. Self-sufficiency

Why live at the mercy of the grid when you can keep the solar you generate for yourself? Being more self-sufficient has a number of advantages which is why solar battery storage really does make sense.

No one likes the feeling of paying bills. Handing over your hard-earnt money to utility companies is particularly unwelcome. Future proofing yourself against hefty energy bills and when the time comes, enjoying retirement instead of just managing bills.


Start 2018 off with an investment that will start paying you back as soon as it is installed. Seriously, it just makes sense.

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