Solar power your Christmas

Solar power your Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing in Christmas cheers. Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face, of all ages, like a spectacular lighting display. But that smile can also be taken away when the display brings with it an exorbitant electricity bill.

To keep your lights shinning bright this Christmas it is important to be energy savvy and it’s not as hard as you’d think.

The size of your display is a big contributor to the amount of electricity used, however the globes you use can also makes a big difference. Simply changing from incandescent to LED can make a noticeable difference on your bill as LED requires 80-90% less wattage then incandescent globes.

The quality of Solar Christmas lights has improved over the years and some use as little as 0.36 watts, which is completely generated by the sun. Solar lights also reduce the need for lengthy cables, spread around your yard and house, in need of access to a power supply. Making it easier for you to maintain your yard, to continue to use the space and safer for children and animals.

But if you already have a remarkable display and don’t want to spend a small fortune upgrading to solar powered Christmas lights, there are alternatives to help keep your electricity bills from stealing your Christmas cheer:


  • When buying new lights or if old one’s need replacing, start buying solar lights. Over the next couple of years this reduces the one-off expense and will save you more as you go.
  • Use a timer – Where possible use a timer to automatically turn the lights off once people are heading off to bed and no longer enjoying the atmosphere.
  • Use extension cords (outdoor certified and secured, taped where required), instead of light string in areas not requiring decoration. This will reduce the amount of lights you are powering.
  • As mentioned above, Switch to LED globes.


  • Only place lights on the front of your tree where people can see them. Lighting the back, if not visible is a waste of energy.
  • Only turn on light when people are in the room and can appreciate them – turn off when leaving the room.
  • And again, Switch to LED globes

Enjoy Christmas without fear of an unbearable power bill waiting for you at the end and relish the savings in the new year. Do more with your solar and solar power your Christmas.

Happy Holidays – Sunbank Solar.