How can I get the solar rebate in Victoria? Our step-by-step guide

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With Solar Victoria’s release of the second phase of the Solar Homes Package, there will be a new eligibility process to streamline your experience to claim your rebate. Here’s a handy guide to help you through the application process.

What rebates are available?


  • Solar Panel (PV) Rebate

Homeowners and rental properties will be able to apply for a maximum discount of $2,225 through the online portal for a point of sale discount. 

  • Solar Panel (PV) Rebate with interest-free loan

To help with the upfront cost involved with purchasing a solar PV system, equivalent to the value of your rebate, eligible homeowners can apply to pay off the upfront cost of the solar system through an interest-free loan over 4-years.


  • Solar for Rental Properties Program

Rental properties will also be able to take advantage of the solar panel rebate through two streams. Stream 1 allows the landlord to pay the remaining balance after the point of sale discount. Stream 2 allows both the tenant and landlord to pay the outstanding balance. 


  • Solar battery rebate

Offering eligible Victorian households, a half price discount of up to $4,838 off a solar battery to compliment an existing PV system.


How to apply

Step 1

1. Input your quote details

Select your Solar Installer by typing in the name in the field, enter your personal quote reference number and your quote amount. Your quote amount will include all STC point-of-sale amounts and applicable rebates before taken off your total price.

Step 2

2. Find your quote

Once you have entered your personal quote reference, the portal will locate your quote details. Select which product you are applying for; whether it is for solar panels or battery storage and confirm your property address.

Step 3

3. Applicant details

Select your dwelling ownership type, whether you are a homeowner or landlord.

Step 4

4. Upload your most recent council rates notice

This is used to verify the homeowner listed is applying for the rebate and the property value is less than $3 million.

Step 5

5. Quote verification

Once all your details and rates notice complies, you will be verified to apply for the rebate.

Step 6

6. Homeowner details

Input the details of the homeowner/s listed on the rates notice. This will be used to verify that your income is within the threshold eligible to participate in the Solar Homes Package. Upload a recent Notice of Assessment received from the Australian Taxation Office to prove this information is correct.

Step 7

7. Rebate and loan details

Now that all the system and your homeowner details are submitted, you will be advised of your rebate amount, loan amount and terms involved.

Step 8

8. Loan details

If you have selected that you are applying for a loan, the terms of the loan agreement will be listed and complete the customer declaration understanding the agreement.

Step 9

9. Bank details

As the loans will be repaid through a Direct Debit Request, input your banking details of where the repayment will be withdrawn from.

Step 10

10. Confirm your identity online

To verify that you are the homeowner submitting this application, choose from the list of approved documents to upload and submit these and confirm your identity.

Step 11

11. SMS Confirmation

To verify that your mobile is compatible for download the software required for your installation, enter your mobile number.

Step 12

12. Review your details

Read the details entered for your application, and if they are true and correct, continue by clicking ‘Next’.

Step 13

13. Consent and declaration

Confirm and declare that you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and that you agree to Solar Victoria’s Privacy Policy.



If you have issues through this process, we invite you to contact Solar Victoria through the online webchat with Vicky from 8am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday