Six reasons why solar makes sense for Victorians in 2019

Renewable energy is still the hottest topic discussed by politicians; and with Australia receiving an abundant amount of sunshine, solar is the most obvious source of energy. 

 1) Reduce your energy bill

Have you noticed there has been a 117 per cent increase in energy over the last ten years? Which leaves many homeowners guessing what the cost of electricity will be in the future.

The inevitable rise of electricity prices is one of the biggest incentives to install solar. Once homeowners have installed a solar panel system, they have the freedom of creating their own energy and therefore become increasingly self-sufficient.

2) Government rebates

The cost of solar has never been better. Government rebates and increased competition in the market means solar has never been more affordable.

The current rebate in Victoria was halted on April 12th due to the initial 30,000 allocations being filled. The programme will re-open on July 1st with a new application process. Customers will need to pre-apply for the rebate through an online portal before obtaining quotes form solar retailers.

Once your application has been accepted the discount will be applied to the quoted system price. The value of the discount will be up to $2,255 for eligible homeowners with a combined income of $180,000 or below.

3) Improvements in Technology

Technology is improving at a rapid rate and so is solar innovation. System sizes have grown dramatically in recent years from the standard 1 – 2kW system to 5, 6, even 10 kW systems.

The improvement in solar technology means that solar panels are more efficient than ever before, resulting in you needing less of them on your roof to create more power. 

Goanna house

4) Solar Batteries

Improvements in technology have allowed for the growth of solar batteries to rise. Unlike in previous years when the technology of solar batteries wasn’t quite up to the same standard as solar panels, we have now seen a huge push in the research and development of these products.

Solar batteries are now better than ever making it is easier for you to store the energy that you are making in the day, ready to use in the evening when you need it most. Rather than sending the excess energy that you create back to the grid at a lower cost than you would pay to import the same energy.

5) Increase house value

Still need convincing that solar makes more sense in 2019 than ever before? Research by has found that having solar makes your home more attractive to buyers. In an age where sustainability is a hot topic having solar is and bonus in the property market.


6) Renewable energy /environment

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. In fact, it is the most abundant energy source on earth. The earth’s surface receives enough solar radiation to supply the world with energy 20,000 times. Harnessing this energy would dramatically reduce our reliance on non-renewables as well as reducing pollution.

Installing a solar panel system reduces your reliance on the grid and therefore your use of non-renewable energy. You can also help other households use green energy by feeding in your excess energy to the grid. 

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