Product Spotlight: HIVE Solar Battery


Home solar battery storage is the talk of energy-conscious homeowners. Solar batteries are gaining attention because they can help homeowners lower energy bills and beat the rising cost of electricity.

Choosing the right solar battery is more important than ever. With hundreds of brands, sizes and types to choose from it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding what solar battery is best for your personal needs.

We’ve created a product spotlight to help make your decision that little bit easier. As a highly recommended brand, keep reading to find out why the HIVE solar battery is a go-to solution for solar homeowners and installers.

Solar battery basics

Solar installations that include solar batteries are increasingly popular because they allow homeowners to store unused solar energy. The benefit of storing solar energy means homeowners can access energy in times when they’ll need it the most such as at night when their solar system is no longer producing solar power.

If you’re consuming energy from a solar battery, less or no electricity is likely to drawn from the gird, meaning you can be paying less in energy bills!

The HIVE solar battery

The design of the HIVE solar battery is perfect for new or experienced solar energy users because it’s easy to install and maintain.

It’s a modular solar battery, which means it can be expanded from 2.9kWh up to 17.4kWh. This is great if you prefer to take an ‘add-as-you-go’ approach to your solar storage needs. For example, if you ever require additional storage in the future because your electricity consumption has increased, you can easily add storage as necessary. It’s as simple as that!

HIVE Solar Batteries also use premium Lithium Iron Phosphate provided by tier 1 manufactures. It’s important to ensure your solar battery is tier 1 manufactured because it ensures safety and quality.

HIVE Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring is an absolute must when it comes to choosing a solar battery. The technology featured within HIVE Solar Batteries make it simple to monitor your solar usage at your convenience.

The 24/7 monitoring system allows you to check real time profit with its user-friendly interface. You’ll also have local technical support from HIVE engineers for any technical related concerns. Additionally, stay up to date with free upgrades to the monitoring app included!

Emergency power supply

If you live in a blackout prone area, you understand how frustrating it can be when the power goes out and your left in the dark. With HIVE Solar Batteries, you don’t need to worry.

HIVE Solar Batteries are fitted with blackout protection technology which provide power in the event of a blackout. Have peace of mind knowing that if there’s a blackout, your lights and essential appliances can remain powered.

Solar batteries are not a one size fits all solution

Please keep in mind that solar batteries are not a one size fits all solution. It’s important to talk to a solar professional when determining which solar battery is right for you.

We have a range of solar batteries suited to meet the most diverse energy requirements. If you would like to talk to one of our solar specialists about the HIVE solar battery or to determine what solar battery would best suit your personal energy requirements give us a call on 1300 28 29 30.