Summer with Solar

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Summer in Australia normally means higher electricity bills. The kids are on school holidays, people are constantly dropping over, we are hosting celebrations and more appliances are running – like the cooler, for many Australian’s, a pool pump, the extra fridge has been turned on for drinks and BBQ meat and the Christmas light display is the best ever this year.

But there is a bonus to this time of year as well, longer summer days means more solar generated. Already embracing the solar industry, approximately 15% of Australian household are utilising solar, however could you do more with your solar?

Here are a couple of quick tips to ensure you are making the most of these extra daylight hours:


When was the last time your solar PV system was inspected by a qualified specialist? It is important to service your system to ensure it is running efficiently as well as peace of mind that is free of defects and faults. Knowing your family is safe.


An important part of maintenance is cleaning. If your panels have built-up debris from the winter months they may not be getting as much sunlight, in turn not generating as much power. Even a light build-up of dirt can cause shading on your panels, reducing your solar generation by up to 10%.


If you have your system annually serviced, check if cleaning can be included in this service to ensure your solar is working to its full potential.


Where possible, shift high-energy consumption appliance use to during the day to make the most of the solar generated. This includes pool pumps, washing machines, dishwashers and dryers to name a few. If your appliances have a timer, use them if you’re not home during the day to turn them on.


If your lucky enough to get away over summer and enjoy a holiday with loved ones, turn appliances off at the power point. Standby mode on televisions, microwaves, washing machines and computers uses power.


There are a few more useful tips for energy saving appliance and behaviour changes that can save you big money at “get to know energy and how you use it”


Why live at the mercy of the grid when you can keep the solar you generate for yourself? Solar battery storage systems make it easy for you to store excess power generated during the day for use when you need it later. There is no better time to capture the sun then summer.


And with the use of an energy management system you can see what your consuming, from your solar, from your battery and from the grip. Putting you back in control, letting the sun revolve around you.

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