Swimming pools and Energy usage

Sunbank Solar Blog Swimming pools and energy usage

Australia – the sunburnt country. And we love a backyard swimming pool. In 2015, 12% of the nation’s population live in a household with a swimming pool. With many advantages, it can become the pride and joy of your home. Relaxed afternoon, busy BBQ’s, a quick dip after a hot day at work – a pool really does offer it all.

But it also offers a high increase in your electricity bills. A backyard swimming pool can, in some instances, account for up to 30 per cent of your total electricity bill. That’s were solar can come in.

Cleaning your pool takes a long time as all the water needs to cycle through the filter system and any short cuts will only effect the health and hygiene of your pool is. Running the pump at night can be more cost effective due to off peak rates. Or running during the day, utilising your solar can help reduce the impact on your bill – unless it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and you’re enjoying a refreshing swim.

Here are a couple of extra tips to help reduce your pool expenses and electricity bills:

Solar – in addition to running your pool pump during the day from your solar, as suggested above, a solar battery can help you use your solar later in the day. By storing your excess solar power produced during the day you can keep using your solar well after the sun has gone down.


Pool cover – using a pool cover reduces evaporation, maintaining your water level for longer. It also reduces the amount of dirt getting into the pool meaning the pool pump doesn’t have to work as hard. The smoother the water filers through the pump, the less energy it uses.


Multispeed pump – choose the right pump for the job is very important. Depending on the size of your pool and the debris needed to be cleaned a multispeed pump can be more efficient than a standard pool pump. Do a little research into pumps that suit your needs. A pump that cost a little more initially can save you a lot in the long run if it’s better suited to the job at hand.


Maintenance – keep your pool, your pump, your heating and your water in good condition. It will work more efficiently for you when regularly maintained. Get the whole family involved, have a schedule and make it a habit. You will benefit from a well maintained pool too.


With the use of these handy hints in conjunction with solar energy, get the thrill of summer back. Make sure you are enjoying every minute with your swimming pool instead of worrying about the next power bill.

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