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Hot Tips for SummerSunbank Solar Batteries

Hot tips to reduce your energy bills this summer

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The Australian Summer throughout most parts of the country is relentlessly hot, resulting in most households turning to increased use of air conditioners and fans to keep their cool. Unfortunately, this often leads to higher energy consumption…

Top 5 Appliances to Use with Solar

During the day, your solar is generating free energy for your household use. Here are the Top 5 household appliances to use when it is powered by your solar. 1. Pool Pump and Filter Over 944,600 Australian households have swimming pools at…
Solar Panel Santa

Tips to Power your Christmas with Solar

With Christmas not too far away, many households are planning their annual celebration, this may mean a huge spike in energy consumption due to the number of occupants in the home. Many opt for a late-lunch Christmas feast, it’s not too early…