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Ultimate Solar Prize Winner

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Meet Genevieve from Officer Victoria and hear what she has to say about winning the Ultimate Solar Prize Competition.
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Understanding how you could save with a solar battery

Solar batteries are the latest advancement in the solar industry and have rapidly improved in recent years. If you’re considering investing in a solar battery or are just interested in learning more then read on below to learn why you would…
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Top tips to kill your energy bills

Combating the rising cost of living can be tricky at times, especially with many people around the country still working from home. However, there are plenty of simple steps you can put into action to save energy around the house. Read on below…
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Victorian solar rebate update

Victoria’s Solar rebates have changed a lot throughout 2020, but there are still plenty of chances to take advantage of a rebate to secure additional savings off the purchase of solar panels or battery. Here’s a quick update to get you up…
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Achieving energy independence with solar panels and batteries

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Becoming energy independent from big energy retailers is a common goal for Australian households trying to keep more money in their back pocket. With solar panels, batteries and virtual power plants, households are able to both save money on…
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How to reduce your energy use in 2020

With more Australian’s around the home at the moment, chances are your household is using far more electricity during the day than it normally would. This will result in some higher than average electricity bills for most households at a time…

How many solar panels can power a house?

Once you understand how solar works, the next question would be how many solar panels you need to get the most benefit out of the sun. Solar is not one-size fits all solution Whilst solar does help you save on energy charges, it is recommended…

Feed-in tariffs: everything you need to know

Your feed-in tariff is the rate you earn for energy your solar sends to the grid. It’s important to know what your rates are, as these may vary. Why do you earn a feed-in tariff? Feed-in tariffs are one of the Government’s financial…

How to love your energy bills

We live in one of the sunniest countries in the world but pay some of the highest prices for energy, here’s how to finally love your energy bills and start spending your money on things that matter most.  Install solar By installing solar,…