It’s Time To Beat Blackouts!

Heatwaves, blackouts, air-conditioners, pedestal fans, electricity bills, icy poles, freezers in overdrive, sweat and tears. Summer of ’18 has been a big season for heatwaves and blackouts. More recently, South Eastern Australia experienced the longest heatwave that they’ve seen in years with temperatures averaging over 40 degrees Celsius for 3 consecutive days.

With most households the air conditioner or the fan are the first avenue for relief but what happens when the energy grid is overwhelmed with the soaring temperatures and high-energy usage?


Who was left in the dark? Melbourne, Greater Victoria, South Australia and Adelaide. 

Blackouts cause immense strain on households and the lives of families. With more people in the home during summer due to work and school holidays, there is an associated higher usage rate of power throughout the home – occupying families during the warmer periods and keeping food fresh in the refrigerator and frozen in the freezer.

Technology being at its peak – opening your smartphone with just a glance, electric vehicles cruising the neighbourhood – the national energy grid has turned up late to the party and you’re suffering in the heat because of this.

When it’s hot outside, what do most families do? Turn on the air-conditioner, sit back under the vents and indulge in a cool treat while watching a movie. This occurred in most households across Australia recently which caused a huge spike in grid demand and associated blown fuses and failed transformers.

How do we combat this? Leave the deprived energy grid behind and look to the future – the solar future.

While your neighbours are depending on the grid to power their home, you’ve already charged your solar battery from the grid (or your solar PV system if you have panels) and are enjoying the pleasures of high temperatures with grid outage interruptions.

How does that feel?

Relieved – uninterrupted – calm – smart 

Here at Sunbank Solar we specialise in empowering your own way through a blackout. It’s the future of reliable energy for your home, and that future can start today. Solar batteries fitted with blackout protection will give you peace of mind during a blackout and keep your essential appliances running while the grid is overwhelmed. Click here to learn about your solar battery options with blackout protection or call us on 1300 28 29 30.

Improvements to the national energy grid are long overdue, as such has become a talking topic for many politicians without many improvements whatsoever, with homes being left in the dark due to heatwaves.

It’s 2018, blackouts shouldn’t be happening. It’s time households aren’t left in the dark during the heat. Don’t live in the fear that your electricity will suddenly become interrupted because of the grid.

Sunbank Solar – power to the people!