Understanding how you could save with a solar battery


Solar batteries are the latest advancement in the solar industry and have rapidly improved in recent years. If you’re considering investing in a solar battery or are just interested in learning more then read on below to learn why you would get one and how they can save you money.

Households with rooftop solar

Australian households use plenty of electricity every day to power everything from toasters to washing machines. A rooftop solar (PV) system allows households to generate electricity with rooftop solar panels during the day when the sun is shining to power these appliances. This is a great benefit for solar households as they can run high voltage appliances directly from their solar system and cut their running costs.

In addition to this, households also receive a Feed-in tariff for their excess produced solar system which is fed back into the grid. As you could expect from large electricity retailers, many feed-in tariffs’ have been slashed over the years and are only a fraction of what they used to be.

While this helps to reduce a household’s energy bills, most households often use majority of their power in the evenings to power lights, TV’s and computers when the sun is down and the rooftop solar is no longer producing any power.  

Households with solar + battery

So, here is where a solar battery can come in. Solar batteries can be used to store excess solar power to be used at night instead of sent back to the grid. This can result in big savings as the feed-in rate which you receive for electricity is often far less than what you pay for it, so this difference can equal big savings by keeping more of your own solar power and drawing less from the grid.

With a standard feed-in tariff, you’re far better off storing your own power rather than sending it back to the grid and then being sold the same electricity later for a higher price. By storing your solar power, you can power yourself through the night and reduce your reliance on the grid. To learn more about how you could save with a solar battery call Sunbank Solar Batteries on 1300 28 29 30