Victoria Solar Rebate Update

In case you didn’t already know, the Victorian solar panel rebate was unexpectedly halted on April 12th due to all 30,000 allocations being filled. It came as a shock to both installers and customers alike.

You may be left wondering what happens now and what position you are left in. 

Already submitted an application?

Good news! All eligible solar PV applications submitted before April 12th will continue to be processed by Solar Victoria. If you submitted your paperwork and have not yet heard anything from Solar Victoria, we recommend calling them on 1300 363 744 to find out the status of your application.

If you have received your eligibility number from Solar Victoria but have not yet been installed, then you can continue with your installation and apply for the 2018-19 rebate. It is encouraged to contact your retailer to complete your installation.

Solar Victoria have also indicated that several applications are currently incomplete and that they are waiting on information in order to complete the applications.

New Applications

Applications for rebates are set to re-open on July 1st. We do not yet know how much the rebate will be for in comparison to the previous maximum rebate of $2,225.

The application process will be changing. Instead of customers applying for the rebate  once they have had the system installed, the rebate will be applied as a point of sale discount. A one stop portal has been created where eligible customers can log in and apply, in the hopes to streamline rebate claims and payments. 

Solar Victoria have also stated that they will expand the rebate program to include an interest free loan option for rental properties and solar battery installations.

We Save 2019 v2

What can you do now? 

For now you can register your interest in the 2019-20 program with Solar Victoria to stay updated with any news. We will also be posting a step-by-step guide of how to apply for the 2019-20 rebate through the online portal once access for installers has been set up prior to July 1st.

Our solar specialists can also help you determine which solar panel system is the best fit for you and your household so that you are ready for July 1st.

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