Victorian solar rebate update


Victoria’s Solar rebates have changed a lot throughout 2020, but there are still plenty of chances to take advantage of a rebate to secure additional savings off the purchase of solar panels or battery. Here’s a quick update to get you up to speed with what’s still available from Solar Victoria.

Solar battery rebates

The Victorian battery rebate has been extremely popular throughout 2020 and has identified big demand for battery storage in Victoria. Since its launch in July 2019, 1000 Victorian households have added a battery to their solar PV to increase savings and reduce their carbon footprint. Another 500 battery rebates were made available from July 1st until the end of the year, being released bi-monthly in allocations of 40. The first allocation for July ran out on the same day so be sure to be prepared if you’re trying to claim the battery rebate.

Solar panel rebates

The Victorian Solar Rebate is still offering significant discounts on new rooftop solar systems with $1850 off for eligible households. It’s a great opportunity to get a big discount on a new rooftop PV system, cut energy bills and reduce your household’s impact on the environment.

… you may be able to pause loan repayments to Solar Victoria

In the midst of the COVID outbreak in 2020, Solar Victoria have also changed some conditions, with special provisions to support the community. If your finances have been affected recently you may be able to seek assistance. If eligible, you may be able to pause loan repayments to Solar Victoria or if you are reluctant to claim the rebate due to financial uncertainty, customers can defer the beginning of repayments on their system for up to 6-months interest free.

Unfortunately, those who have already installed solar panels can expect to pay more soon as the minimum feed-in tariff in Victoria has decreased by 1.8c/kWh to 10.2c/kWh. This will mean that your electricity retailer will be paying you less for your solar that you feed back into the grid. As feed-in tariffs fall it becomes an even more economical option to install a solar battery to ensure you make the most out of your solar.

To learn how you could take control of your bills with solar or find out more about claiming a rebate call Sunbank Solar on 1300 28 29 30.