Victorian State Election – What’s To Happen Now

Solar Rebates

November 24 2018 saw Victorians choose a solar powered future, and re-elected the Daniel Andrews’ Labor Government for their second, consecutive term in the Victorian Government. This will see an immense investment into the solar industry for households and families. 

Prior to the highly anticipated Victorian State Election, there was a clear divide in providing access to Victorians to solar technology to install at residential properties. Sky-rocketing energy bills and increased demand and dependency on energy in the home meant that some households were at their wits end, trying to afford to keep the lights on.

Solar technology is designed to save you money on your energy.

Solar technology is designed to save you money on your energy. It powers your house with the power of the sun instead of having to import all your energy from the grid, often than not, at peak and surge pricing.


Solar Victoria Solar Homes Scheme

Under the now re-elected Daniel Andrews Victorian Government, over the next ten years, there will be rebates open to 720,000 eligible households to adopt solar technology. With most households struggling under the burden of affording quarterly bills, often it is difficult to make up the upfront price of installing solar to reap the rewards as the system generates. Through this scheme, households can install eligible solar products and claim their rebate through the newly created Solar Victoria, managing the whole scheme.

Over the next ten years, there will be:

  • Solar battery rebates
  • Solar hot water rebates
  • Solar panel rebates
  • Solar panel rebate for rental properties

Solar Battery Rebate

A pre-election promise, this rebate is for households with an existing solar system, looking to store the solar generated on the roof and fill the missing solar battery link in their overall solar PV system. As part of the scheme, only the first 10,000 eligible households can claim the rebate and they will be up to the value of $4,838 in the first year off the price for installing the battery. This could see households save up to $650 per year* on energy bills, in addition to savings already seen with their rooftop solar.

Solar Hot Water Rebate

An easy addition to the common household, solar hot water heats up your household’s water instead of using energy drawn from the grid. It is a great option for households to adopt solar technology in the home who may not necessarily have the option to install solar panels due to the roof structure or may already have solar installed. Until 30 June 2019, eligible households can access a $1,000 Government Rebate when installing eligible solar hot water products.

Solar Panel Rebate

19 August 2018 saw the Victorian Government not only announce the Solar Homes Package, but also release 24,000 rebates to eligible Victorian households up to the value of $2,225 of the price for installing solar panels. With the re-elected Daniel Andrews Victorian Government, Solar Victoria will increase the amount of solar panel rebates and introduce interest-free loan schemes to help households who cannot afford the upfront cost of solar to adopt the technology at a zero-upfront cost.

Solar Panel Rebate for Rental Properties

A deciding factor for households to adopt solar technology is to actually own the property, meaning that long-term tenants at a rental property had little-to-no say when it came to adopting solar technology. This often meant that their only avenue to reduce energy bills would be to switch providers which has a minimal effect to energy bill reduction. As part of the Solar Homes Package, there will be 10,000 solar panel rebates for rental properties. The Victorian Government will provide a 50 per cent rebate for the installation of the system, landlords will be covering a 25 per cent portion of the overall installation and tenants will be asked to cover the remaining 25 per cent through a small monthly levy over 4 years. This fantastic financial incentive for landlords to consider and install solar panels on rental properties, ultimately reducing the cost of energy on households renting a property.

Sunbank Solar only installs products listed on the CEC Approved Products listing and all our Technicians are CEC Accredited …

Solar Homes Eligibility Criteria

For all Victorian Solar Rebates, homeowners and/or tenants must meet certain eligibility criteria to access any of the solar rebates. The eligibility criteria currently relates to the property value, annual taxable income and products installed for the rebate. The products that must be installed to claim the rebate must be listed on the Clean Energy Council (CEC) list of Approved Products and must be installed by a CEC Accredited Installer. Sunbank Solar only installs products listed on the CEC Approved Products listing and all our Technicians are CEC Accredited for installing your solar.

This Australian-first sees the re-elected Victorian Government make the biggest investment into household solar energy by providing rebates suiting homeowners and tenants alike for solar panels, battery storage and hot water. This makes the idea of installing solar an affordable reality.


*Victorian Premier Media Release, Cheaper Electricity with Solar Batteries for 10,000 Homes, 11 September 2018