WA customer saves $300 on bill thanks to a solar battery.

Trent from Cloverdale in Western Australia was able to reduce his electricity bills from $437.75 before his battery installation down to $136.65 on his latest bill thanks to his investment in solar panels and battery. Read on below to learn about Trent’s experience with renewable energy and what motivated him to invest in solar power.

Fed up with the rising cost of energy, in 2015 Trent thought the time was right to invest in solar and installed 14 panels on his roof, enabling him to reduce his electricity bills as well as his carbon footprint. However, with a low feed-in tariff Trent still wanted to get more out of his solar and see a more significant benefit on his electricity bill.


Trent received an invitation to our Energy Saving Trial and got in touch with Sunbank Solar to learn more about how he could get the most out of his solar system. After analysing Trent’s home energy requirements, we recommended the installation of a 2.9kW Hive solar battery to complement his 14-panel solar PV system.

A couple of months after installation, we followed up with Trent to see how everything was going. During our phone call, we were pleased to hear that Trent had already been able to reduce his latest energy bill down to $136.65 for his 61-day billing period, a decrease of $301.10.

“On average they are down $200-$300. My Power bills before the install were always around the $500 mark and higher. Definitely recommend people getting the install.”

To learn more about a solar battery for your property to start saving on your electricity like Trent, call Sunbank Solar on 1300 28 29 30.