What is the Right Size for Me?

Getting the right size solar battery is the key to a good return on your solar investment 

Solar batteries are not a one size fits all solution. Determined by your solar PV system and how you use power, a suitable battery capacity recommendation can be made.

The capacity of a solar battery is simply how much power it can store. But getting the biggest battery isn’t always the best option for every household. A battery solution should be matched to your households’ needs. Making sure your battery stores the right amount of power you generate without too much over flow and without wasted space.

Choosing the right battery capacity will see you getting a better return on your investment sooner. Only paying for they system you need means your savings will work for you quicker.

Here are some points to consider when making a solar storage solution decision:

Solar PV system – How much energy is your current solar PV system generating? On average, how many kW’s of power is available from your panels?

Energy usage – How much solar energy is your household, using daily? How much solar energy are you exporting to the grid on an average daily basis?

With these 2 pieces of critical information you can determine a suitable battery size for your household, because there is no point in purchasing a large solar battery if your rooftop solar PV system cannot produce enough electricity to fill your solar battery.

When you understand how you use solar you can also make some household behavioural changes to make more efficient use of your energy. By using high consumption appliances during the day you can utilise more solar energy. And reducing peak rate charges from the grid in the evening. For more information on energy usage check out ‘Get to know energy usage’.

If your aim is to work towards a higher level of grid- independence expanding your PV solar system is a great option. By expanding your solar PV system, your system will be producing more power for you and your family to use and store.

With numerous modular systems available you can expand your battery system if your household circumstances change e.g. less occupants in the home. When the kids move out and your home is using less power during the day, you could add another battery to store more excess power from your solar PV system. Modular systems give you great flexibility and leeway when determining the best solution for your household, as we are all aware, no household stays the same forever.  

Key takeaways:

  • While you aren’t limited with the solar battery capacity, it’s advised to match your battery size with the peak capacity rate of your solar PV system to ensure no power goes to waste
  • Take a close look at your latest electricity bill and understand how much energy your household uses and how much energy that is exported to the grid which could be better stored in a solar battery solution instead


If you would like help to determine the right size solar battery solution for your household. Sunbank SolarDo more with your solar