Where To Install Your Rooftop Solar

Being new to solar you may be unsure how your roof can play a huge part in the efficiency of your new solar system; so, Leon Siebel, Co-founder and Head of Communications at Sunbank Solar has put together these tips to explain how your roof affects solar.

North, East, South or West?

With the sun rising in the east, making its way through the north and finally setting in the west, the optimal location for rooftop solar panels is the north-facing side of the roof as this is where the sun shines on longest. Of course, if this is not possible, your rooftop solar can also be installed on the north-east or north-west facing sides of your roof too as these sides are also in prime solar-generating locations.


With each roof being at a varying angle, tilts are used to angle the panels. If your home tends to use main loads during the colder, winter months, tilts tend to be more vertical which will maximise the spotlight toward the sun. This is because during winter, the sun tends to be quite low compared to warmer, summer months.

Split system

Although the north-facing side of your roof is the optimal location for your rooftop solar, if there are amounts of shade that will affect your solar panels when installed on this side of your roof then your Solar Specialist will determine the next best orientation to suit your needs depending on the system size. In most cases, your solar system will be installed on the east or west facing sides of your roof and split evenly across the two, this is to ensure that an optimal amount of sun is absorbed from the morning, afternoon and late-afternoon sun as possible. If your panels are only installed on either the east or west-facing side of your roof, your system might be limited on the energy it can produce.

If you have a personal preference as to where your solar panels are located on your roof, your Solar Specialist will be able to accommodate your requests to ensure that you are happy with the end result.

Shading drastically reduces the overall efficiency of your solar system…


Leading up to installing your solar system it is heavily advised to clear any overbearing trees that may cause some shading onto your system. Shading drastically reduces the overall efficiency of your solar system and if you are installing a traditional string system, you will see this directly affect the solar output. With new, affordable technology, you will be empowered to power your solar system with micro inverters that will ensure if shading does occur, your solar system’s output isn’t as affected. This new technology are Micro Inverters which ensure that each of your solar panels work independently from one another, so when shaded will only affect the efficiency of the shaded panel and not the entire system. 

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