Winter Solar Myths Exposed!

Warm summer months with longer daylight hours is a great time for solar – and that’s a given, but what happens during winter when the sun sits behind clouds? Here are some common solar myths exposed! 

Myth #1 – Solar only generates power during summer

No – this is not the case at all. This is the most common solar myth, and with summer not being a year-round occurrence for Australia this puts many off installing solar for their homes. Cooler climates are the best conditions for solar PV systems, and even though during winter there is less daylight hours, your solar PV system is still generating efficient solar energy.

Your solar still generates solar during winter, it is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Myth #2 – Solar panels don’t reduce your energy bills

This is a very common myth, that with the high price of energy and the growing dependence on energy in the household that even with solar panels you will still receive high energy bills. Another solar myth exposed! When powering your home with solar energy, during optimal solar conditions, your solar is powering your home with ‘free’ energy. Instead of importing energy at high rates, you can use your own solar energy and not pay a cent for using it either – no import fees on your solar.

This energy is free because you are not charged for this by your energy retailer as you have prepaid this service by installing your system. Even after your system has achieved its full return on investment, your home will still be powered by free energy.

Myth #3 – Solar just isn’t a viable investment yet

Solar systems are a viable investment for households and businesses around Australia, the technology installed in 2018 has vastly improved since solar was first introduced in Australia. With highest efficiency levels, designed for you to get the most out of your investment, solar is a viable purchase for your household which will keep generating solar energy long after the system and outlay has paid for itself through savings. Why stay at the mercy of energy retailers charging extremely inflated prices for energy when you can generate your own solar energy for your home to use?

We can happily provide you with a tailored solution for your home’s needs to ensure it is a viable investment for you for years to come. Contact us on 1300 28 29 30 for a quote on your individual return on investment* for your solar. 

Myth #4 – If it is raining or it is night-time your home will not be powered

With grid-tied properties, you remain connected to the grid for backup to ensure that you always have a stable connection to power for your home. If you add a solar system to your household, when the system has finished generating all the solar for the day, the grid will then be used as if the solar system wasn’t there and your home will be powered by the grid. If during the day the system cannot produce energy for any given reason, you will then be powered by the grid, the same as before you installed the solar PV system.

Turn night into day with solar battery storage. By storing excess energy generated throughout the day from your solar in a battery pack, you can self-power your home through the night with your own solar energy. Click here to learn more about the self-powering benefits of solar battery storage.

Properties that are off-grid do not have this backup and are entirely responsible for their own power generation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to remain tied to the grid for backup purposes.

Myth #5 – Overcast days mean cold showers, right?

A humorous concept, but fortunately during overcast days you aren’t obliged to bathe in icy water. If you have a solar hot water system and it is an overcast or night time, your hot water is heated using energy imported from the grid. The same way it would’ve been heated if you had electric hot water before the solar was installed. So, don’t be alarmed, the grid will always be there as backup if something goes wrong and solar isn’t generating.

Myth #6 – You won’t know if your solar is working until you get an energy bill

With improved monitoring software for solar PV systems, you can keep updated on your solar system’s generation simply either on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. You aren’t required to check this daily, but a weekly log in to see how much energy your system has produced over the week will give you a great indication to its ability. Learn more about Energy Monitoring and the incredible benefits it has for your solar here.


*Return on investment based on assumptions of energy usage and size of system. Individual results may vary. For an accurate return on investment for your solar PV system, please contact Sunbank Solar.