Winter Tips To Keep Your Energy Bill Down!

Winter weather conditions is considerably different to summers’, it’s important to note that although it isn’t the peak time for solar – your solar system will still be working hard to generate energy for your home.  Here’s 5 Winter Tips for your home for this winter. 

  1. Maintain a comfortable room temperature

It’s essential that your home be a comfortable temperature for your family, especially during winter when the temperatures reach their coldest. It’s important to remember to not put the heating on full-blast throughout the home straight away. Try heating the home slowly and setting the temperature to 20° – 23°. This will keep your energy bills from scaring you after winter is over and will also allow your home to heat gradually. 

  1. Keep an eye on energy usage throughout the evening with energy monitoring

Most homes using electric blankets will be unaware of the energy consumption of these products. After using your electric blanket it’s recommended for you to have a look at your energy monitoring platform to really see and understand how much energy it is using throughout the evening. It might be better to use a timer for your blanket to warm you up before you go to sleep and leave it off for the rest of the evening. 

  1. Insulate! Insulate! Insulate!

Ensure your home is properly insulated or else all the warmth might escape! Make sure your windows, doors and any cavities are sealed to safeguard your home against the breadth of winter.

  1. Turn off lights that you aren’t using

It’s a great habit to get into, turning the light off when you’re not in the room. By turning off lights of rooms that aren’t in use you’ll see savings off your energy bill in a flash by saving on energy consumption.

  1. Rotate your ceiling fans

For winter, set your fan to spin clockwise which will move the warm air downward toward you. When getting ready for summer, rotate the fans to go counter-clockwise which will suck all the warm air upward.

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