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Home battery storage is about to change

Since the early 1900’s, Eveready has been the go-to battery, powering household devices around the world. They now deliver their trust, reliability and affordability to the solar battery market with this revolutionary new product.

The Eveready® Energy Vault Solar Battery is a powerful, yet affordable solution to your home energy worries. Don’t be left in the dark again. Eveready is here to keep your energy running, day in and day out.

Expandable from 5.1kWh to an impressive 20.4kWh, you’ll have more than enough power to get through your day and night!

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AC Coupled
Expandable from 5.1–20.4kWh
Backup with UPS (optional)
Easy Install & Low Maintenance
24/7 Monitoring
VPP Ready

Eveready Solar Battery Solution

Expandable from 5.1kWh to a massive 20.4kWh

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Eveready Primary Dimensions


Eveready has developed both an online portal and a mobile app to help you monitor everything about your home solar storage. Whether you’re a techie guru needing to adjust and monitor every aspect of your solar system, or just a curious user needing to know when and where your power usage is being used, the Eveready® Energy Vault Monitoring System can give you peace-of-mind knowing your system is running the way you want it to. Every Day. Every Night.

Maximise Savings

  • 24-hour monitoring system via user-friendly app or online portal
  • Remote setting/control to maximise profit (subject to electricity tariff)


  • Prompt response to any problems with remote diagnostics
  • Australian-based technical support

Free Upgrades for Life

  • Easy to update your system online or via USB drive
  • Keep up with the evolving future of energy
Eveready app

Realtime Monitoring

Anytime & Anywhere

Push Notifications

Email, SMS etc.

Error Alarm

+ Alarm Follow-up Functions

Remote Configuration

+ Remote Update

Online Warranty


Large Screen

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Virtual Power Plant Compatible

The Eveready Energy Vault seamlessly integrates into Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) to help you save even more money on your energy bills

What is a Virtual Power Plant? 

A Virtual Power Plant is an interconnected system of residential solar systems working together to collectively generate and store energy to sell back to the grid when there is peak demand. 

How does it work? 

On days of peak-power demand (like when there is a heatwave and everyone wants to use their aircon at the same time), there can be too much demand on the grid for energy, compared to supply. 

These events can trigger the cost of energy to spike to a premium price on the energy market in order to supply the public.

This is where you come in.

As part of a Virtual Power Plant, you will join a community of like-minded solar homeowners with solar batteries, creating a solar energy power plant, with the capabilities of powering homes (similar to how coal-powered plants do).

When these peak trade events happen, you sell your stored energy for a higher rate than your standard feed-in tariff, making you much more money!

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