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What is the Victorian Solar Homes Package?

Under the Solar Homes Package, there are various rebates for solar products available for Victorian homeowners and tenants to adopt and reduce their energy bills.

Rebates that are currently available are:

Eligibility criteria for the Solar Homes Package

To apply to take advantage of the Victorian Solar Homes rebates you must meet certain eligibility criteria, this includes:

  • Must be the owner-occupier of the property
  • Owners listed on the rates notice have a combined taxable income of less than $180,000 per year (based on 2017/18 FY Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment)
  • Existing property is valued at less than $3 million
  • There is currently no solar PV system installed at the property

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Must meet eligibility criteria to receive the Victorian Government Rebate. Rebate value up to $1,888.00

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Solar panel rebate for homeowners

To help Australian households take control of their energy bills, the second phase of the solar panel rebates are now open to eligible homeowners.

Under the rebate scheme, homeowners can apply to receive $1,888.00 off their solar panel installation, and this will be at Point of Sale, once the homeowner has been confirmed eligibility to claim a rebate from Solar Victoria.

Over the next year, there will be only 3,333 solar panels rebates available for homeowners to access, will spots filling up fast.

Solar panel interest-free loans for homeowners

Additionally, to the PV panel rebate, eligible homeowners can also apply for an interest-free loan, up to the value of $2,225 for the up-front cost of the solar panel system.

This allows for homeowners already struggling under high energy bills to take advantage of the Solar Homes Package rebate, without the upfront cost*.

An indicative breakdown of how your interest-free loan would work like this:

Cost of your solar panel system                     $4,450.00**

Less rebate                                                             -$2,225.00

Less interest-free loan amount                      -$2,225.00

Up-front cost of your solar PV system           $0

Value of rebate and interest-free loan dependent on the total cost of your solar installation, to the value of $2,225.00. For more information, contact Sunbank Solar.


The interest-free loan is payable over a four-year term, and repayments are subject to your loan amount and is only available for customers wishing to install solar panels or solar hot water.

*Interest-free loan available is equivalent to the amount of your rebate that is applicable. Contact us for more information.
**Indicative price only.

Solar battery rebate

For homeowners whom always have a solar system installed, now is the best time to start storing your energy your system is generating and store it in a battery.

As part of the Solar Victoria Homes Package, there are currently rebates available for eligible homeowners to install an approved solar battery.

The value of the solar battery rebate will be up to $4,838.00 and will be made available to homeowners living in specific postcodes. The areas that have been selected already have a high number of properties with solar panels. The postcodes are:

3048 3038 3059 3064 3106 3752
3754 3212 3217 3218 3226 3228
3024 3351 3377 3467 3936 3939
3941 3942 3943 3944 3977 3978

Additional to the standard Solar Victoria eligibility criteria, homeowners wanting to apply for the battery rebate must also:

  • Have a property in the targeted postcode valued at under $3 million
  • Already have at least 5kW of solar PV on the roof
  • Intends to install a solar battery listed on the Approved Battery List
  • Does not already have a solar battery installed
  • No previous application to Solar Victoria for a financial incentive in the Solar homes package
  • Willing to receive relevant information from the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) about battery trials
  • Agrees to receive a free safety audit if selected

To participate under the Solar Victoria rebate program for a solar battery, the battery must appear on the Clean Energy Council list of approved solar batteries.

Solar panels for rental properties

As high energy bills are an issue facing all Australian households, renters and homeowners alike. In an Australian-first, renters and landlords can apply to install a solar panel system and take advantage of the Victorian rebate. There will be two streams in the rental property program:

Stream One – From July 1st Stream Two – From October 2019
The Landlord will pay the remaining cost of the solar system after the rebate has been deducted from the total cost. The tenant will be offered a rebate and an interest-free loan, to contribute to the cost of the system.

This will be subject to a rental lease agreement between the tenant and the landlord. The tenant and landlord will then both pay the outstanding balance.

To participate in the Solar Panels for Rentals streams, both the Landlord and Tenant must sign a Solar Homes Landlord-Tenant Agreement.

See how Michael benefited from the rebate!

Diagram Solar Usage

Diagram (above) shows energy produced by solar in blue, energy consumed by the household in orange and energy imported from the grid in grey.

Michael from Berwick, Victoria installed his 5kW solar system as part of the rebate and is reaping the fantastic rewards of using the sun to power the home. On January 14 2019, his solar system generated enough solar to power the home during the day and in the evening only imported 3kWh from the grid.

If Michael didn’t have solar, he could have been charged up to $15.35* for the day’s usage.

Because Michael had solar, he was only charged $1.39* for the day’s usage. The rest is free.  

By installing with the rebate, Michael claimed the $2,225 rebate on his installation, practically halving his payback period of the system, and with his energy management software, Michael can monitor the system throughout the day, to give him the information he needs to minimise energy bills, and you can too.

*Based on a rate of $0.4650c/kWh when importing energy from the grid. Used only as indicator, individual rates may vary depending on energy provider. Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

Installing your solar isn’t an easy task – that’s why we hand-pick and train our installers to not only do the job, but to do it well. All our technicians and installation teams that attend properties and install solar are accredited by the Clean Energy Council for solar designs and installations. All technicians are then required to complete regular training and professional development to ensure that installers are up-to-date with advancements or changes in the solar industry.

Sunbank Solar is an Australian household name in the solar industry, coupled with over 30 years’ combined industry experience providing Australian households with quality solar products and installations to suit their needs.

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Here’s what some customers have to say about installing with Sunbank Solar

Josef, Melbourne
Thank you Sunbank . I have first contacted Sunbank Solar second week in January 2018 and to my supprise battery was installed two and have weeks later. I was very impressed with installers. They have done most impressive job, spotlessly cleaned all space after them and they even used rake to sweep garden. All communication with company was very professional and I can highly recommend this company to everyone who is after solar panels or battery installation.

Source: Product Review

Margret, New South Wales
From the first initial contact by phone with Robin, who was very helpful in explaining the process, our battery was installed within a week, which was much quicker then originally expected. Everything has run smoothly and am looking forward to a continued high standard of service from Sunbank Solar.

Source: Product Review

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