4 reasons why solar batteries are a smart investment for your home


Can’t decide if you want to make the switch? Let us help you with 4 reasons why Australians are choosing to invest in solar batteries.

1. Solar batteries can cut costs on energy bills

Peak solar production happens between 10am and 4pm, however, most of us are at work within this timeframe. Instead of sending all that energy back to the grid, you can send it to a solar battery for use when you get home from work.

Solar batteries store solar energy for use when you’ll need it the most – such as at night when your system isn’t producing solar energy.

Storing solar energy means you won’t require as much electricity from the grid. The less electricity purchased from the gird, the more savings you’ll experience.

Depending on your electricity usage, it’s possible to achieve credit on your energy bill. Check out how our customer is achieving $50 credit on his bills!

2. Solar batteries can protect you from blackouts

We’ve all been there. It’s a hot summers day in Australia and suddenly, the power goes out. It can be incredibly annoying, more so if you work from home or live with children or the elderly and require a running aircon to cool your home.

Some solar batteries have technology that provide your essential appliances with power in the event of a blackout. If you live in an area that experiences multiple blackouts, a solar battery fitted with blackout protection could be just what you need.

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3. Solar batteries allow you to be less reliant on energy companies

Have you noticed your energy bills getting higher and higher? Electricity utility providers are known for price inconsistencies. The energy market fluctuates regularly, causing your energy bills to increase in price.

Solar batteries greatly reduce your dependence on electricity providers for electricity. Sourcing your own energy can give you more control over your energy bills and the price you pay for electricity. No serge pricing here!

4. Solar batteries support the renewable energy industry

The renewable energy industry is rapidly growing. If you have the means to invest, purchasing solar batteries benefits you whilst also supporting the renewable industry.

This means the creation of jobs for Australians and taking one step closer to a more environmentally friendly community.

Step into the future with solar and solar batteries. Call Sunbank Solar Batteries today to discuss how we can help you with a solar battery 1300 28 29 30.